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About JoySol Sash Windows

How our sash window company started?

Have you heard of that mediterranean warm country of Greece?
There is where all started... back in 1987.
The father of two of our specialists, started working with wood and got passioned about it. After working for a few years for a Greek company, on 1994 he decided to open his own business and integrate his two sons into it. Step by step the business started to grow and expand. 
The services offered included kitchen design, manufacturing and fitting, bedroom furniture like bed frames and wardrobes, office furniture and more.

Years passed and the opportunity to come to UK rise.The first city to visit and settle was London. The two brothers started working each with different companies providing sash window replacement and repair services. For them was easy to enter in that industry because of their joinery background.

They worked in a range of smaller and larger projects, in different areas of London and in different property types, inlcuding listed buildings.

After a few years, they agreed to transfer to Bristol. And they did the same thing they father did years ago... They opened a joinery company. That was their thing right?

Why JoySol? What's the meaning?

We decided to open a website at the time when we were offering different joinery services. So we had to brainstorm and find a catchy name that shows what we do.
So we came up with this idea: JoySol / Joinery Solutions
With time we started focusing only on Sash Window repairs, so we though that Joinery Solutions didn't fit our type of business anymore.
But since we coudn't totally changed it, we altered only a part of it.
Final version now present:
JoySol / Sash Windows Specialists Bristol (8).webp
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