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Our Sash Window Company - Questions

Should I repair or replace my sash windows?

Repairing original timber sash windows is the best bet to retain home's original features.

Replacing your sash window with new modern ones, may negatively affect your home's value by removing  period features for cheaper contemporary styles.

Why are you cheaper than other companies?

We try to do everything by our own. Starting with the website design and development, marketing, SEO.

We don't hire anyone to do it. There are no sales people to pay. No one helps us advertise  our business.

All these savings are reflected on our quotes.

What areas do you cover?

Our main areas are: Redland, Clifton, St. Andrews, Bishopston, Henleaze, Ashley Down, Bedminter, Montpelier, Filton.

But we are always expanding, so please do contact us even if you live in an area not mentioned above and we can help you with your queries.

Do you need scaffolding to repair sash windows?

Usually we do not require scaffolding to repair your sash windows as our work is carried from inside your house. Traditional sash windows can be removed from the inside.

We provide dust sheets and we use a vaccum cleaner during and after the work.

The only thing we ask from you, is to help us by providing clear access to sash windows (by removing blinds and curtains prior to work commencing) and prepare a room of your choise in which the windows will be repaired.

What kind of wood do you use?

In our timber renovation projects, we use Sapele wood for a long-lasting repair. Sapele wood is a stable hardwood and almost completely rot and weather resistant.

Why are you cheaper?
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